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Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains

$34.95 print / $9.99 ebook

Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains iPad

Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains

By Jean Stark

Since its publication in 1997, "Classical Chains" has become a classic in its own right. Clear step-by-step instructions will lead you through a total of 38 chain styles, all derived from the elegant loop-in-loop process.

With 350 drawings and 45 photographs, "Classical Chains" is clearly the definitive work on this topic. Ms. Stark brings years of teaching and experimentation to this task. In straightforward language she discusses not only the making of chains, but clasps and terminals too. A must have for any jeweler who loves chains!


  • Full color throughout
  • over 300 drawings
  • hard cover, concealed wire binding
  • ISBN 0-9615984-8-4
  • $34.95 print

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