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The Afternoon Knows, Tim McCreight

$7.99 digital

The Afternoon Knows

Tim McCreight

Creating a category that could be called "tech-novel," goldsmith and teacher Tim McCreight crafts a story that uses his detailed knowledge of an ancient craft to add a rich texture to a deeply moving human story. Left to his own after the death of his wife, a businessman with no particular artistic background chances into an interest in jewelrymaking to fill his time. What began as a distraction becomes much more as he learns not only the craft but some of the wisdom that it carries.

McCreight is well positioned to write such a tale: he is the author of more than a dozen bestselling books on goldsmithing and design and a popular teacher in workshops around the world. With his usual easy pace and comfortable language, he makes sophisticated goldsmithing procedures understandable. His enthusiasm, like that of his characters, is infectious.

"The Afternoon Knows" is a compelling read for anyone who has ever worked metal, but it reaches a much larger audience. The mystery of physical creation — the merger of science, design, and care — are universal and this book makes that point both clear and engaging.

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