DrawThru App for iPad

DrawThru App for the iPad

Jewelry is the original site-specific art so it is not surprising that designs spring to life when conceived on a wearer. DrawThru provides two dozen images of areas of the body most often adorned including earlobes, necks, wrists, and hands. Geometric templates and examples of gemstones are also included.

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  • Choose from male and female models, stylized or naturally rendered.
  • Use the slider to fade the background image from bold to entirely gone, allowing you to see the design both on and off a wearer.
  • Choose from a wide range of line widths; the eraser also provides a range of sizes.
  • Select any of a million colors with RGB sliders.
  • Options include saving to the Camera Roll, sending as an email attachment, assigning to a contact, copying, and printing.
  • For those who prefer traditional paper and pencil, each image can be locked into place to allow tracing paper to be laid on the screen for conventional drawing.