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PMC Technic on tablet

$9.99 digital

PMC Technic

Edited by Tim McCreight

Every once in a while, dedicated artists and students are lucky enough to study with someone who had researched and mastered a specific technique. In this book, ten leading artists teach their specialty, with clarity, care, and passion.

Tonya DavidsonPMC Syringe
Celie FagoMaking Hinges
Jennifer KahnPMC Bezels
Doris KingFusing Sterling and PMC
Terry KovalcikDeveloping Form with Slip
Noortje MeijerinkPMC on Ceramic
Kelly RussellUsing Stencils with PMC
Barbara SimonLampworking and PMC
CeCe WireWater Etching on PMC
J. Fred WoellCoreless Beads

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