This area of the Brynmorgen site offers free pages you can download. Included here are safety handouts, charts and tables. We're glad you came to visit, and hope you'll return once in a while to see what's new. If you have suggestions for other resources you'd like to see on this page, please drop a note to

Comparison of Digital Formats   (78k pdf*)
Welcome to the Brynmorgen eBook Group   (109k pdf*)

Photo Submission Guidelines   (48k pdf*)
Rendering Templates   (3.1 MB pdf*)
Elements & Alloys   (52K pdf*)
Design-A-Matic   (156K pdf*)
Circle Divider   (52K pdf*)
Repetitive Strain Injuries   (92K pdf*)
Professional Jewelry Making: Ring Sizes   (613K pdf*) updated!

Basic Green Patinas  (131K pdf*)
Buried Patinas  (209K pdf*)
Fumed Patinas  (180K pdf*)
Heat Patinas  (188K pdf*)
Japanese Patinas  (156K pdf*)
Patina Basics: Liver of Sulfur  (152K pdf*)
Resist Patinas  (168K pdf*)
Patina Basics Poster  (4.4MB pdf*)

The Toolbox Initiative is a volunteer program that collects tools and silver that are given to jewelers in West Africa. For details, photos and information on how to contribute, visit