Reviews: Contemporary Metal Clay Rings

Gayle Dowell, HubPages

I've been working with metal clay for several years now, and have just started making rings. This book, Contemporary Metal Clay Rings, by Hattie Sanderson is by far the best resource that I've seen for making metal clay rings. This is a great resource book not only for the beginner, but also for the more advanced jewelry artist.

The book is divided into two main parts: Techniques and Projects. The first section starts at the beginning with an introduction to metal clay, safety, tools and materials, and goes into describing different techniques for forming different ring shanks, firing, finishing, and adding decorative elements such as gemstones and gold metal clay accents.

The second part of this book shows step-by-step projects starting with easier beginner projects and gradually increasing in complexity to more complicated designs. There are projects that show each type of ring shank forming process that was explained in the first section of the book. Each project contains easy to follow photographs with the step-by-step explanations under each photo which makes each project's process easy to follow.

Lastly, there is a gallery section in the book that includes rings designed by various metal clay jewelry artists, a great inspirational section of many different design styles. After the gallery section comes an appendix which includes information about storing metal clay, repairing fired metal clay, reconstituting clay, oxidizing and removing oxidation on metal clay pieces. The appendix also lists metal clay related websites, global ring sizing chart and more.

Hattie Sanderson sprinkles tip and tricks throughout the book giving the reader useful information. She also is quick to add money saving tips by recommending tools that are easy to create from items around the house or alternative uses of everyday objects. She also does not limit her instruction to just fine silver clay, but adds information on the base metal clays and alloy clays as well.

Reader comments on MCR

The book is phenomenal. Your book is the BEST metal clay book I have ever read!! I have practically every MC book out and yours is undoubtedly the best laid out book ever!! You have great tips and tricks, beautiful pictures for inspiration and perfect pictures demonstrating technique! It reminds me of my medical textbooks because the quality of the pages and the book binding are also excellent! I have never felt so compelled to write an author like this but I wanted to just say congratulations on a phenomenal metal clay book!! I hope one day take a class with as you have so much knowledge to share. Thanks for such a great book and the inspiration to create!
C L Brown

Lori Phillips, Metal Clay Today Magazine

Right off the bat, this incredible book is the complete epitome of its writer, Hattie Sanderson; it is brilliantly classy and well organized! She has managed to give the readers an endless reference book while showcasing the creativity of a plethora of other excellent metal clay artists' rings.

In almost half the book, Hattie takes the reader on a journey through metal clay, starting with tools and materials all the way through firing and finishing. I absolutely love her section on inclusions because I have admired her glass bead rings for years and she has provided a wonderful step-by-step on how I can do it!

After she builds a well-presented foundation for the ins and outs of metal clay, she provides the readers a section to start practicing on pendants. She recommends to the new metal clayer to start there before attempting her six different types of rings. Each type of ring is based on the style of shank, and then these shanks become the bases for several different ring patterns. I cannot wait to try her hollow form ring on page 173. I feel quite confident that I will be able to follow her precise instructions to create something incredible!

Her step-by-step instructions are arranged from beginner to advanced so there is something for everyone in this gorgeous book! The gallery is filled with some of the most stunning pieces I have ever seen! What a great compilation of talent! Whatever you do, do not miss out on ordering this book! You will be sorry if you don't get it!

Hattie, this is a book to be extremely proud of! You have done an extraordinary job and your book is a asset to the entire metal clay community! Thanks for all your efforts to share yourself with us!