Reviews: The Complete Metalsmith, Video

Brookfield Craft Center

The fast paced and comprehensive video curriculum closely follows Tim's highly successful book, The Complete Metalsmith, published by David Publications in 1982; and it contains additional information from is other widely respected book on casting. An extremely large amount of material is covered in a well organized fashion that is easily located (and relocated) on the tape.

Above all the information is....practical. Each chapter is color-coded for easy reference; and Tim advises viewers to make "liberal use of the PAUSE button along with the slow motion and replay functions...." The disc provides new learning opportunities since any and all parts of the curriculum can be frozen, slowed down, or replayed as many times as necessary. Seeing ultra-tight close ups of delicate or manually "fussy" techniques, which can be instantly replayed over and over again, provide truly enhanced opportunities for learning that simply are not available otherwise...even to students in hands-on workshops.

The Complete Metalsmith, DVD, with Tim McCreight, brings the wisdom and knowledge of a nationally recognized metalsmith, author, and educator into your home or studio at times convenient to you...and as often as you like.

The Crafts Report

McCreights teaching style is warm, vital, exciting, and caring. . . The quality of graphics is remarkable. . .it sets a new standard of quality for video instruction.

Jewelers Book Club

The best how-to video production this reviewer has seen. . .the camera work, graphic, editing, and sound are outstanding.