Reviews: Draw Better

Gayle Dowell, HubPages

Draw Better by Dominique Audette targets the general population of people seeking to improve their drawing skills. I see it as a great resource for jewelry artists to gain design skills that will not only save them money, but also improve their designs.

The book emphasizes breaking up the subject being drawn into basic geometric shapes. It is strong on visual examples and for the visual learner like myself, the concepts are easily grasped through the drawings provided. There are brief captions explaining the concepts as well. These concepts can be used to build designs for pendants, rings, earrings and other pieces of jewelry.

Reader Reviews

As a high school art teacher, I found the clear, straightforward, yet beautifully drawn illustrations and minimal text to be a perfect strategy. Art students will look at a page and find it welcoming, not confusing.

The examples/exercises are simple, yet open to interpretation and each individual's ability to take a drawing further. It took me back to my childhood and the illustrated books my mom would buy to "help me draw the puppy." This book uses some of the same tried and true visual foundations to help students find their own direction with the confidence of knowing how to render three-dimensional objects in two-dimensions.

I hope that schools consider adopting this as a drawing textbook for students to use as homework starters. The way these are broken down will be great for any age. I will recommend "Draw Better" to friends who say, "I can't draw" and those who want to improve. Thank you for publishing some of the best visual arts resources out there!
-- Sheila


I am delighted with"Draw Better" by Dominique Aaudette -- I was already a fan of her book "Jewelry Illustration." There are so many times when I want help in drawing non-jewelry items from structural cylindrical shapes to organic ones (I love the example of the caterpillar on page 69). The instructions are clear and easy to understand. The drawings are superb. I feel as if this book was written just for me - my problems with complex pyramids and shadows are no longer daunting using Dominique's approach. I recommend this book to all who are struggling to draw in three dimensions or anyone needs to hone their skills. Thank you for publishing this book.
-- Megan