Reviews: Introduction to Precious Metals, Metallurgy for Jewelers & Silversmiths

Addie Kidd
Art Jewelry Magazine
May 2010

The original incarnation of this book, which appeared in 1985, contained detailed information about precious metals that was available nowhere else. When it went out of print, jewelers mourned. Now it's back, revamped, and packed with even more information. The culmination of more than 30 years of experience that Mark Grimwade acquired while teaching metallurgy to jewelers and silversmiths, the text is scientific yet never confusing. Every bit of technical information, highlighted with photographs, illustrations, and charts, is presented with an eye toward practical applications. It demystifies processes like granulation, work-hardening, casting, and even tarnishing. Readers will learn which type of solder join is the strongest and why the edges of sheet metal can crack when put through a rolling mill. Eddie Bell, technical director for Rio Grande and Neutec USA, states it best in the forward, "[Grimwade] presents complex metallurgical concepts in ways that goldsmiths can understand and apply."